I am black. I am a woman. I was born to a Jamaican – American immigrant father who only has misplaced “h”s left in his atrophied Jamaican accent. I was also born to an African-American mother who does not like the beach because she places sand in the same category as soil and has thus come to the conclusion that a day at the beach is equal to playing in dirt. Both of those parents provided a middle to upper middle class lifestyle for me and my two siblings. I have a J.D. from a decently ranked law school,  an M.A. in journalism from a well regarded university and a B.A. in creative writing from a state school that is nationally known for its football program and hot girls. Those degrees served me well thus far, I practiced law at a large law firm, then worked for big media companies as producer and editor, and I am currently working on my forthcoming debut novel, “Secondhand Africans and Their Reasons for Being”. I’ve lived in Miami, Tallahassee, in a loosely placed together home nestled in a valley in Jamaica, in Rome, in Chicago and in New York. I now live in Harlem with my partner (a man) and our daughter.

I think that these are the things you would like to know when you wonder to an “About” page. I’ve done some of the work for you with regard to conclusions and categorization. You’re welcome.